United First Financial Scam Review, Legit Or Scam?

I was first introduced to the United First Financial or U1st Financial business opportunity and software product at a chapter meeting of BNI South Florida. I was the chapter president at the time and when I arrived at this particular meeting there was a guest who was networking with the others in the room, extolling the virtues of the software program. Being a licensed mortgage broker, I was curious what he was talking about.He said that the web-based software program, which was available for $3,500.00, would assist homeowners in paying down their mortgage in one third to one half the time without changing their lifestyle. I was amazed and astounded . I wanted to hear more, so we scheduled an appointment.During the appointment he played a DVD which explained the program and how it worked and gave a dazzling display of how a homeowner could, just by using their “discretionary income” properly, actually pay off their 30 year mortgage in about thirteen years. It was certainly an interesting concept. Then the agent told me how, as a mortgage broker, I could make a lot of money marketing the product.

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